Guitar Tricks – The Other Tools

March 31, 2016

Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners– Often, when you are learning how to play the guitar, you may feel information overload. You are learning so many different techniques, chords and songs that many times you will forget some of the things you have learned. However as a Guitar Tricks member, you will find many great tools that you can use to improve your guitar-playing skills and knowledge.

Ultimate Chord Finder

If you want to get a quick reminder of how to play every chord, Guitar Tricks has the tool for you. When you are in the Guitar Tricks website, you will notice a group of icons in the top right hand corner of your screen. One of these icons represents the Ultimate Chord Finder. This is an awesome little tool that shows you every chord you can possibly want, displaying them in a really easy-to-read manner. You will see the correct finger positions marked out on the neck of a guitar, and, you will find three variations of each chord, farther up the neck of the guitar. All of the root notes, from A to G, are there, including the sharps and flats, and you will see all of the variations of each chord (major, minor, dim, aug, etc.). Play along with the Ultimate Chord Finder, strumming the chord at seven speed levels.

Keep Perfect Time

Sometimes when you are practicing, you tend to play songs either too fast or too slow. Many musicians find that it helps to have a metronome, a device that helps keep time, to practice with. At Guitar Tricks, you have access to the Ultimate Metronome which gives times from two to ten beats per measure. You can have an accents and beats that are either a Click, Side Stick, Bass Drum, Snare Drum or a Hi Hat. And, if you really want to challenge yourself, try the Speed Drill, where you can increase the beats per measure.

Tuning Made Easy

Many beginning guitar players find that one of the most difficult things to do is to tune a guitar without an electric tuner. If you want to learn all of the proper tones for tuning your guitar, you can use the Guitar Tricks Reference Tuner. Here you will be able to listen to the tones of all tuning sequences: Standard Tuning; DADGAD Tuning, Open C Tuning, Drop D Tuning, Open G Tuning and Open D Tuning. This is a super-easy way to learn how to tune by ear.

Download All of These Tools

When you visit Guitar Tricks you will find that you can download all of the tools you need to be able to practice anywhere, any time. If you are a subscriber to Guitar Tricks, you can find downloads for Windows and Macintosh, for each of the Guitar Tricks tools: